> Work has begun to To Revise 3-A Sanitary Standard to New General Requirements with Tom Nicola (3-A Work Group Member & Top Line Application Engineer)

After a two year stand still, work has begun to convert existing 3-A equipment-specific standards to reference the new General Requirements criteria. Eventually, all current 3-A Sanitary Standards and Accepted Practices will be revised to the new format with the General Requirements listed as a normative reference.

3-A SSI recently announced the release of “ANSI/3-A 00-00-2014, 3-A Sanitary Standards for General Requirements.” The new General Requirements Standards was approved by American National Standards Institute as an American National Standard on September 8, 2014. The General Requirements Standard is a valuable reference for the entire range of food and beverage industries, where many upgrades in hygienic equipment design are expected for the prevention of food-borne illness.

The new standard covers the sanitary design, materials of construction, and fabrication techniques for dairy, food, and beverage equipment used to process, handle, and package consumable products where a high degree of sanitation is required.


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