> Why Is Top Line’s DG Seal A Great Option?

Tech Topic By Tim Gorrell – Top Line Application Engineer –

Top Line’s very own TOP-FLO® centrifugal pumps have seal variations available, depending on the specific application. The C-114 thru C-328 size pumps are available with the “DG” Seal option, which is comprised of a Silicon Carbide Stationary Seat versus Carbon Rotating Element and is standard with FKM elastomer. The DG seal is an external balanced sanitary seal with clamped insert. This combination will allow the pump to process small abrasive and/or sticky ingredients without damaging the back plate. The water cascade can also be added to prolong the life of the carbon seal when pumping abrasive and/or sticky ingredients.

Additionally, the DG external seal has fewer parts in the product area than the internal seal. This feature makes the pump easier to clean for CIP (clean in place) installations. This continues to be an important feature for the food and beverage industry.

The versatility of the DG seal allows it to perform with different particles. It can withstand more diverse applications than the standard D seal. This feature has been important to the craft brew industry and is particularly useful on the Top Line pump dollies.

There are multiple stationary seal materials to choose from; self-sintered Silicone carbide, reaction bonded Silicone carbide and Tungsten Carbide are available to accommodate your specific application.

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