Shipping Policy


Delivery of goods to a carrier at Top Line’s facility or other shipping point shall constitute delivery to Purchaser; and, regardless of freight payment, all risks of loss or damage in transit shall be borne by Purchaser.

Transportation Costs

Unless otherwise specified, all goods are sold F.O.B. Top Line’s facility or other shipping point. Method and route of shipment shall be at the discretion of Top Line unless Purchaser shall specify otherwise; any additional expense of the method or-route of shipment specified by Purchaser shall be borne entirely by Purchaser.

Partial Shipments and Delays

Top Line reserves the right to make delivery in installments, unless otherwise expressly stipulated in the contract of sale, all such installments shall be separately invoiced and paid when due per invoice without regard to subsequent deliveries. Delay in delivery of any installment shall not relieve Purchaser of obligation to accept remaining deliveries. Top Line shall not be lble for any damage, including special or consequential damages, as a result of any delay due to any cause beyond Top Line’s control, including without limitation, an act of God, act of the Purchaser, embargo or other governmental act, regulation or request, fire, accident, strike, slowdown, war, riot, delay in transportation, inability to obtain necessary labor, materials or manufacturing facilities. In the event of such delay, the date of delivery shall be extended for a period equal to the time lost by reason of the delay.