TOP-FLO® Filter & Strainers

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Product Description

TOP-FLO® in-line stainless steel filters and strainers are specifically designed for the removal of unwanted particles from process line content providing added protection and longer service life for pumps, valves, heat exchangers and other processing equipment.

Dimensions and Part Numbers

Connection Size Length (in.) Diameter (in.) Effective Filter Area (ft.2) Part Numbers
1 15-3/4 4 0.65 SM1-10
1-1/2 15-3/4 4 .065 SM1-15
2 15-3/4 4 .065 SM1-20
2-1/2 15-3/4 4-1/2 .075 SM1-25
3 15-3/4 4-1/2 .075 SM1-30
1-1/2 35-3/8 4 1.95 SM2-15
2 35-3/8 4 1.95 SM2-20
2-1/2 35-3/8 4-1/2 2.25 SM2-25
3 35-3/8 4-1/2 2.25 SM2-30


A model SM2-25 is a 316L SS inlet long strainer with 2.5 clamp connections


The standard perforated back-up tube with .25″ holes is provided with the unit. Top Line also has .125″ perforated back-up tube upon request. Overscreens and filter media are not provided with the unit and must be ordered separately.

Material Traceability:

Material test reports are available for inlet housing and outlet cap. Certificate of Compliance for 316L material is available for the distributor cap, spring, and back-up tube.

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Constructed of corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel, TOP-FLO® in-line filters and strainers feature a sanitary design plus ease of installation and quick cleanup. These rugged, yet lightweight strainers are available in two lengths and are interchangeable with other comparable strainers. The strainer is ideally suited to hygienic process applications including dairy, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and biotechnology.

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