TOP-FLO® SRS 50 Actuators For Diaphragm Valves

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Product Description

The Top Line compact pneumatic actuator is highly suited for today’s modern space-saving environment within the high purity industry. Simplicity of design and robust structure ensures long service life and economical operation. Molded from a high performance polymer to withstand the rigors of cleaning and sterilization temperatures, this lightweight actuator has no corrosive components exposed to atmosphere. All internal and external components are corrosion resistant. In-line retrofitting is easily achieved without the use of special tooling. Many accessory options are offered to suit any control application including proximity and mechanical switches, positioners, and limit stops. Available in size ranging from 1/4” to 4”. 100% BPE Compliant and full material traceability.

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  • Compact / Lightweight: space-saving. Ease of installation and maintenance and mounts without additional support.
  • Fully Sealed: prevents contaminants from entering the housing while minimizing the risk of leakage between chambers.
  • Durability: longer life expectancy. Higher cycle performance.
  • Air Connections:  perpendicular to piping system. 1/8” BSP thread (Compact valves), 1/4” BSP thread (Standard size valves).
  • Visual Indicator: identifies valve position.
  • Material of construction: molded from a high performance polymer capable of withstanding elevated temperatures common to cleaning protocols.
  • Accessories: stroke limiter, electropneumatic 4-20MA positioner, Mechanical switch package, proximity switch package.
  • Integral Weep hole – standard 3/32” diameter weep hole for diaphragm failure indication
  • 100% BPE Compliant
  • Full material traceability

Tech Specs

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Files & Drawings

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Download a 2.5" X 4" Acutator table drawing