TOP-FLO® SRS 20, 30, 40 Actuators For Diaphragm Valves

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Product Description

Designed to be economical, compact, light-weight and durable, featuring a rugged cast iron housing and steel diaphragm plates, Top Line actuators are idealy suited for automatic and remote control of sanitary weir type diaphragm valves. 100% BPE Compliant with full material traceability.

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  • Steel Diaphragm Plates: superior performance in high pressure service.
  • Cast Iron Housing: highly durable in demanding environments
  • Positive Stop: provides added safety when manual override is used.
  • Actuator Diaphragm: highly flexible for repeated cycling.
  • Bonnet: compact and integral to the actuator providing better alignment to insure exceptional cycling. This unique design allows for easy field installation and adapts to most diaphragm valve bodies.
  • Stem Guide: unique seal arrangement prevents lateral stem movement.
  • Position Indicator: indicates valve position (optional).
  • Spring Adjustment: spring tension can be externally adjusted to provide optimum performance to compensate for high internal line pressures
  • 100% BPE Compliant
  • Full material traceability

Tech Specs

21 Series – Double acting: Air to open/Air to close
47 Series – Spring to open/Air to close
34 Series – Air to open/Spring to close

Files & Drawings

Download Product Catalog PDF

Download a 2.5" X 4" Acutator table drawing