TOP-FLO® Diaphragms For Diaphragm Valves

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Product Description

Top Line has understood for 50 years that reliability is of the utmost importance on each product or service offered. Our customers demand it and we work very hard to make sure that it is provided on a continual basis. TOP-FLO® diaphragms are no exception. Top Line understands that the most important factor of diaphragm valve reliability is the diaphragm itself.

To achieve optimum diaphragm performance, only the highest-grade specially engineered materials are used in our diaphragm production. Steam cycle testing is performed on all grades of Top Line diaphragms to ensure the best possible life span of the diaphragms. All diaphragms are produced and controlled in the United States and Canada under a compliant and registered ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System (QMS). 100% BPE Compliant with full material traceability.

Cross Reference Chart Diaphragm Grades
Top Line Diaphragm – Material of Construction Connection Type Top Line Saunders ITT Burkert
Peroxide Cured EPDM* Threaded 2E E2 (425) 17 AB
FKM Fluoroelastomer* Threaded 2V 226 (NON-FDA) FF
MPTFE Faced / EPDM Backed – Steam Grade Bayonet 1KS P2 (214/425) EA
S5 (214S/425C) EU
MPTFE Faced / FKM Backed – Steam Grade Bayonet 1PS P3 (214/226)
P3S (214S/226)
*Sizes 1″ (DN25) & above for Saunders HC4 & Burkert type only

All Top Line diaphragm faces and backing materials are FDA conforming

All Top Line diaphragms are USP Class VI certified – excluding grade 2V

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Reliability, availability and low pricing are key features that make our replacement diaphragms attractive to reducing the total cost of ownership and minimizing costly downtime. Top Line diaphragms are interchangeable with key industry manufacturers when a threaded or bayonet type connection is required.

1) Grade 1KS & 2KS MPTFE/EPDM

Certifications & Approvals

TOP-FLO® Grade 1KS & 2KS diaphragms are fully compliant to FDA CFR Section (21) 177.2600 and have been fully tested and certified in accordance with U.S. Pharmacopoeia Class VI Section (87) in-vitro and Section (88) in-vivo biological reactivity tests by the accredited NAMSA.


Top Line Grade 1KS & 2KS diaphragms are manufactured utilizing a proprietary unique high pressure molding technique that ensures better density and is virtually non-permeable. More importantly, this process significantly increases the cycle life of the diaphragm under harsh conditions.

Diaphragm Traceability

All Top Line diaphragms are fully traceable to a specific batch of the molded compound. Test certificates and compound properties for each specific batch are recorded and maintained within the QA system. Diaphragms are physically identified with the date of manufacture and the compound identification code.

Each TOP-FLO® diaphragm valve is supplied with your choice of elastomer or MPTFE/elastomer backed materials. Diaphragms are completely compliant with the most recent FDA codes, USP standards and are fully traceable.

Elastomer diaphragms are molded in the open position, while MPTFE faced diaphragms are molded in the closed position. All elastomer type diaphragms are attached to the bonnet or actuator compressor via threaded stud. Top Line standard MPTFE faced diaphragms are attached by a bayonet type fixture that eliminates point loading, thus providing constant diaphragm compression across the weir resulting in a more uniform and reliable seal. Optional MPTFE faced diaphragms can be supplied with a threaded type fixture for interchangeability with other major manufacturers.

2) Grade 2E Peroxide Cured EPDM

Certifications & Approvals

TOP-FLO® Grade 2E diaphragms are fully compliant to FDA CFR Section (21) 177.2600 and have been fully tested and certified in accordance with U.S. Pharmacopoeia Class VI Section (87) in-vitro and Section (88) in-vivo biological reactivity tests by the accredited NAMSA.

Extractables & Production

Grade 2E EPDM compound has been developed to have the lowest extractable percentage and has been independently tested to be significantly less than commercial compounds and similar competitive products.

EPDM diaphragm compound is produced in just-in-time batches to meet tight diaphragm production and is stored for very short periods to ensure greater reliability of the mechanical properties of the disphragms after production.

3) Grade 2V FKM

Certifications & Approvals

TOP-FLO® Grade 2V diaphragms are fully compliant to FDA CFR Section (21) 177.2600.


Grade 2V diaphragms are intended for non-steam/non-autoclave applications and are highly suited for applications where an elastomer diaphragm is preferred due to its inherent resistance to chemicals and oils.

Tech Specs

Please call Top Line for Technical Specification @ 814-362-4626

Files & Drawings

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Download pressure/temperature recommendations EPDM & TFE/EPDM diaphragm

Download pressure/temperature recommendations TFE/FKM diaphragm

Download weir body volume for hygienic diaphragm valves

Download the installation, operating and maintenance instruction for our manually operated diaphragm valves