TOP-FLO® Air Blow Check Valves

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Product Description

TOP-FLO® 62-174R Air Blow Check Valves are designed to evacuate lines of product or CIP solution, and for air agitation of product in tanks and other vessels.

      • The valve helps to protect pipelines against corrosion – air drying of lines permits formation of the protective oxide film.
      • Improves product uniformity and quality – product air agitation thoroughly mixes and blends product.

Part Number Matrix

TOP-FLO® 62-174R Air Blow Check Valve
Outlet Connection / Material Clamp Size Stopper Elastomer Inlet Connection Valve Series
3846 Sanitary Clamp – 316LSS 15 1-1/2 0 FDA EPDM 1 Quick Couple Adapter 174 62-174R Check Valve
20 2 2 1 Hose Barb
25 2-1/2 3 3/8 FNPT
30 3 4 1/2 FNPT
35 3 SCH5 5 3/4 FNPT
40 4 6 1/4 FNPT
45 4 SCH5
Part Number Example:


TOP-FLO® 3″ 62-174R Air Blow Check Valve, 3/8″ FNPT Inlet X Clamp Outlet, FDA EPDM Stopper, PTFE Guide. 32RA ID, 316L

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  • Fail Safe Operation – backflow of product or CIP solution prevented by simple air to open, spring to close operation.
  • Easy Assembly/Disassembly – connections permit quick disassembly and assembly for replacing filter media, cleaning or inspection. Quick couple or FNPT air connection.
  • EPDM stopper
  • Clamp sizes1-1/2 – 4″
  • All 316L body construction
  • Remotely Controlled – can be remotely controlled by controlling the supply of air to the valve.
  • Rugged Construction – type 316 stainless steel is standard. Spherical plug assembly is bonded EPDM rubber.
  • Conforms to 3-A accepted practices – for applications requiring a final filtering of air prior to entering a tank or pipelines.

Tech Specs

Capacity to 1600 CFH air volume

Files & Drawings

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