Food, Beverage, and Dairy Products

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Top Line Process Equipment Company continues to be a leading supplier of quality hygienic stainless steel process equipment for over 50 years. The Top Line product line consists of sanitary stainless steel flow control equipment to the food, beverage, dairy, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and electronics industries. We market through a world-wide network of distributors and large OEM’s. Top Line’s involvement with its distributors includes not only providing competitively priced products but to support an ongoing line of communication between ourselves and the ultimate end user of the product. We provide full factory and technical support to our customers along with both customer and project leads.

Our modern, well equipped manufacturing facilities are staffed by our skilled and dedicated craftsmen. Consistently meeting important tolerances and finish specifications is of primary concern to us. Before any products leave our plant, they are subjected to rigid quality assurance checks. Top Line should always be considered your first choice for both standard and custom fabricated stainless steel products.

Our commitment to fine craftsmanship, high quality, unequaled service, and competitive pricing has led to our company’s successive years of growth which has placed us among the leaders in our industries. Top Line Process Equipment Company is headquartered in Bradford, Pennsylvania, USA.