Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

Thank you for the trust and confidence you have demonstrated in choosing Top Line as your supplier. We appreciate and value your business very much.

I am sure you are aware of the coronavirus COVID-19 as reported in the news. I am writing to share an update on the impact of this situation on our businesses. Top Line has good inventory stocking levels and we produced an extra month’s inventory before the Lunar New Year.

Currently, the overseas offices are functional and the production workers are about 80% returned to their positions. We are expecting to be back to full production in the next two weeks. Raw material, sub-tier suppliers, and transportation companies are in a similar status. The whole supply chain is about one month behind all planned schedules at this time. Due to the extra month inventory referenced above, our inventory is in a good position. If employees resume normal work schedules in the next two weeks as expected, the coronavirus will have minimal impact on our inventory availability.

We are in regular contact with our production teams to ensure as little disruption as possible. We are exercising a wide variety of options so that our inventory position and customer service level remain consistent with your expectations. Each order is important to us and we are taking extra steps to minimize any delay in fulfillment. There are a few special production orders that have delays due to the airfreight suspensions that occurred. We are actively talking with customers with special orders to provide a new delivery date.

Top Line supports the safety and health of the supply chain around the world, through our facilities, and on to you and your customers. If you have specific concerns about an order, please contact our customer service team to discuss it. Thank you again for choosing Top Line for your sanitary product needs.


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