> Controlled Sulfur Content – Why? – discussion with Brad Gregg (BPE Member and Top Line Engineer)

Controlled sulfur content of 316L BPE fittings and other components is just one of the critical aspects of creating both consistent and quality orbital welds within a high purity tube system. BPE 2012 section MM-5.1.1 specifically states that components intended to be autogenously welded shall have a sulfur content of 0.005-0.017%. The restriction of the sulfur range of components intended to be orbital welded assist in the prevention of arc deflection which is important for proper penetration and weld pooling. Maintaining a narrow range of sulfur content also assists the weld machine operator during field installation since they can set up their orbital welding machine and make repeatable quality welds without making major adjustments to compensate for base material inconsistencies.

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